Network Password Manager 2.5.5

License type: Free to try, $199.00 to buy
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
Requirements: None
File size: 1.09MB
Company: SOW

Network Password Manager (NPM) is a multifunctional program for the storage, management, and protection of valuable information containing passwords. Unlike similar desktop programs, it supports the multiuser mode, provides a common information environment, and can create centralized data backups. All your vital data will be secured safely using 256-bit AES encryption. NPM also supports standard Windows user groups, so you can easily set access rights for any user. It has a built-in, customizable password generator, and a hot-key feature automates the insertion of logins and passwords. The program can store additional information as well, such as URLs, comments, files, and custom fields.