Roboform Review

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Rating: 4.5

A very helpful program for active Internet users. If you have a lot of accounts and favourite websites, Roboform can be almost necessary. It allows you to remember one Master Password instead of keeping in mind all the logins and passwords that you have. Besides, it does automatically fill in web forms, which can save you some time that you usually spend on doing it yourself.

Features set

There are many useful practical functions in Roboform, it's hard to enumerate them all. It understands various kinds of web forms, can work as a bookmark manager. It also (which is extremely convenient) memorizes offline personal data (you pin codes, lock combinations or registration software numbers). You can use Roboform2Go to have your information on a flash drive. Well, another feature of great use is a possibility to create different profiles for different computer users.

What I liked best is that one can explain to Roboform which fields in a form are needed to fill automatically. This can be very good, if one or several fields should be filled differently from time to time.

Ease of use

A friendly interface, that doesn't call for a lot of computer language knowledge, makes the work with Roboform very comfortable for novices as well as for advanced users. You can easily turn off functions that you don't need and change the appearance of the program as you want. Roboform can work as a panel for a brouser or be sent to tray.


All data are stored in an encrypted database, protected by a Master Password. Also, Roboform generates strong unbreakable passwords besides remembering passwords set by you.


Roboform is a nice and user-friendly program that will help you in your work with Internet a lot. It provides you comfort in carrying everyday actions of filling web forms, sets you free from keeping in mind lots of data and keeps you personal information safe.