Handy Password manager Review

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Rating: 5

If you take a look at the password managers software market, you will notice one program that really sticks out - Handy Password manager. This password manager for Windows combines ease-of-use with the superb set of functionalities that make it an indispensible tool for any web surfer who cares about his password security.

Handy Password allows you to pursue the best password security policy while on the Internet with such functions as secure account login, automatic form filling and submission, secure password generator and secure password storage. With Handy Password, your passwords stay secure from the moment of their creation and all the way through their storage and use.

With Handy Password you will forget what it is like to forget a password because your passwords are filled in automatically every time you want to enter to an account or fill in a registration form. All information that you enter stays secure because you neither have to type it, nor copy paste it from another file. The passwords are stored in a secure password database which is also password protected.

Other functionalities of the multi-user password manager include:

  • Internet explorer and Firefox browser toolbar
  • Automatic website login
  • Automatic form filling
  • Multi-user password database
  • Installation to USB key
  • Strong password generator
  • Drag-and-drop interface
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