Password Generator Software Pros and Cons

It is widely known that a good unbreakable password is inevitable basis of whole security planning no matter whether it is individual or corporate data security. How to create password to be truly secure? What basic requirements password creation has? What are the most typical mistakes people usually make when trying to create and manage passwords and how to avoid them effectively?

Password generator software will answer all those questions easily. But first let me tell you about necessity of using random password generator instead of trying to invent passwords yourself.

Password generator software is developed especially to create really strong and secure passwords. Developed by professionals who know all about passwords, password security requirements and password breaking methods. So if you are not hacker yourself it is good idea to use solution designed by professionals.

Now let�s specify all password creation requirements:

  • Password should be not less than 8 symbols length
  • Password should not be a dictionary word
  • Password should not include personal information
  • Password should not copy your login or username
  • Password should include both upper and lower case letters
  • Password should include numbers and special characters (@#$&)

Surely secure password generator creates passwords fitting all these requirements and makes password really unbreakable and secure.

Now several words about most usual password creating mistakes. When trying to create a password people are likely to use short and easy passwords. If you will ask me why, I�ll tell you that the answer is simple. To remember password easily. But easy password could be broken easily.

Also people like to use passwords which could be easily remembered by associations. Mothers bride name, cat�s nick or something else which is quite simple to guess without being hacker.

Strong password shouldn�t be a word from a dictionary or someone�s name. It should be a random set of symbols including numbers. A decision not use numbers and capital letters in password to remember it better is not very wise. Because password is fundament of whole security. And it is necessary to create it in responsible manner using password generator software.