Password Manager � 5 Reasons to Use on Home PC

  1. You cannot forget your password. Problems with passwords usually are not a result of hacker attacks, but take place because of simple human mistakes. Everybody can forget password or make a mistake when filling password field. XP password manager keeps all passwords in encrypted database storage and helps you to avoid such issues.
  2. Private information security. Most private information, which you cannot make public property under no circumstances, is always kept on home computers. Password keeper will help you with this delicate task perfectly. Program keeps all information in encrypted database protected by master-password.
  3. No need to keep passwords in mind. Home is a place for rest and relax, including computer activities. Nevertheless, necessity to keep too much important passwords in mind is not very relaxing. Remembering one master-password instead of dozens can add much comfort to your rest, isn�t it?
  4. Improve your home PC security. Home PC can have several users (one password for each), parental lock systems and other access management. Usually there are several passwords used for family PC data security. Program has random password generator, secure password database and additional functions for family PC security.
  5. Competent password management. We use passwords so much, why don�t we do it competently? Remember only programs� master-password and forget all others because they are stored secure and you can login automatically no need to fill them manually.

Handy Password is an easy to use and understand simple password manager. Utility is good to keep passwords and perform all password-connected operations. In addition, it provides a set of handy advanced features. Take advantage of random password generator to create unique passwords, auto fill forms and saving Internet Explorer favorites.