Password Keeper - Stable in All Microsoft Operating Systems

Living in the age of technical progress and IT means that we have to give more attention to self-discipline and organization. Our life tempo is growing accordingly to data transfer speed growth and the most valuable resource in these circumstances is not gas or oil. Most important thing now is time, because we are now feeling the lack of time more and more. It is necessary to give attention to details to save time for yourself.

Password keeper utility is easy to understand and use to automate partially office routine. Password manager software is a secure password storage, in addition it can help you not to spend time to fill long registration forms.

Password keeper offers a set of features that can help you to save a bit of time to have a rest or a fun instead of having a mess with passwords and form filling:

  • Password manager helps you to avoid remembering all your passwords and to avoid forgetting your password. Program keeps passwords in encrypted secure database and then filling them automatically.
  • Auto fill forms is another function, it allows you to save time and save wear and tear on your nerves, because when you have to fill web forms by hands it takes much of time and even can make you to lose your temper. You can do just several mouse clicks instead of filling tens of fields manually.
  • Additional features allow you to spend little time for routine. Random password generator developed to avoid racking your brains to invent another strong password. Utility includes ability to store favorites and works as a panel in browsers.

Handy Password is a great password keeper. Software is award winning and has high ratings between other password keepers. It is very stable in all Microsoft operating systems, works as a panel in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers and has simple interface, which is handy even for novice PC user.