How to Protect Your Passwords

We all love the way Internet helps us organize our personal life starting from managing your bank account and making online purchases and ending with the simple way of bill payment and instant money transfers. However, each and every time you want to access your web-based account, you need to enter the authentication information such as login and password or pin-code, and as you do so your password security may be at risk.

When you type your login and password on the Web, your personal data become exposed to a large crowd of Internet users, some of whom may want to use them in their own interest. If you don't use proper protection methods, you may fall victim to phishing - an illegal practice of stealing personal information such as account logins and passwords, credit card details, bank account information etc. To avoid the risk of phishing, it is recommended to use high security passwords generated by a secure password manager such as Handy Password.

The password manager helps you achieve the needed password security level through a number of password protection functionalities such as a strong password generator which can generate random passwords that meet the highest requirement of password creation. Unlike human made passwords, machine passwords have a substantially lower level of predictability and thus are harder to crack.

Among other advantages of the secure password manager is the ability to perform automatic login to accounts and websites without having to type login and password in the login and password fields, which can serve as a reliable protection against key-loggers and other malicious software. The password manger can also automatically fill in your personal details such as address, telephone number, driving license and other personal data.

With the password management utility, all your passwords are stored in an encrypted password database which is protected with master password, which means that other users who work on the same computer won't be able to access your personal data. Furthermore, the database is equipped with the auto-lock protection which automatically locks the database after a custom period of time. Unlike saving your data in the browser where they are exposed to anyone who uses this browser after you, the password database provides the same easy login functionality but with much less risk for password security.

To sum it up, modern password management technologies implemented in the form of reliable password managers can help you substantially reduce the risk of compromising your passwords on the web, while you can still enjoy the benefits of quick account login and automatic data submission.