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Since many of us are active web surfers it is very important to organize effective management of web accounts. Social networks, banking, shopping and many other require strong complicated passwords. What you need to get it right is a best password manager. We hope that information you will find here will be helpful.

Using strong passwords is now a barest necessity. We have so many passwords to remember that there inevitably appears a temptation to use the same password for everything. But of course, it's not safe enough - once it is broken by a hacker all of your accounts are in danger. There are certain rules for creating a password: rather long, not a dictionary word, not your personal data, containing numbers and characters. And it is clear that the most secure passwords are random. But it seems there's no possibility to keep them all in mind. Three best password manager described below will save your time and nerves by creating strong passwords and safely storing them.

Handy Password manager (Windows, Free/Shareware)

If you need an easy and reliable password manager, take a look on Handy Password. It has a very user-friendly interface and at the same time powerful features for protecting your accounts. It works as a toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox or you can just send it to trey. Handy Password has all the needed features of a best password manager and many additional ones. It can auto fill web forms, collect bookmarks and generate strong random passwords. All information is saved, encrypted and protected by the only password you need to remember. Although Handy Password is a shareware product with a 30-days trial, you can use for free after the evaluation period if you have 10 or less cards.

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KeePass (Windows/Mac/Linux/Mobile, Free)

It arouses doubts when such an important program as password generator is free. But KeePass has proved to be very reliable and convenient software. It can work on Windows, Mac, Linux OS, iPhones, Android phones and other mobile devices. KeyPass has a wide range of best password manager features like saving your passwords, field and icon customization, password generation and auto fill forms. It supports many import and export formats and printing a hard copy to store it to some safe place.

Roboform (Windows, Free/Shareware)

RoboForm has multiple helpful features and appears to be one of the best password managers. It has a very intelligent way of working with complex web forms, has a built-in password generator, auto fill feature and many other. It also can print a hard backup copy of your passwords. RoboForm works well with many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. A portable version of this password manager, RoboForm2Go, is of great use to people who don't want to be bound to one computer. A free version of RoboForm has some limitations compared to Pro version. For example, users of RoboForm Free should have 10 passcards or less and don't have multi-user interface available.

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