Weak and Strong Points of Password Generators

Nowadays, every computer and internet user is subscribed to a lot of services requiring authorization with password. However, only a few use password generators. Every day we need to log in to our PC, to our email account, to our bank account, to a lot of programs, to some folders and documents and many other places. Many people use one or two different passwords to access all their services, but it's hardly a safe method. To meet good level of information safety it's necessary to use diverse strong passwords (consisting of many random numbers, lowercase and capital letters, symbols, etc.) for different services and change them from time to time. That's where the need of random password generators comes from.

Of course, it's possible to generate passwords just from your mind, but it takes quite much time and it's not an easy task to generate a truly random password. Password generator software is designed to help you complete this task. By searching the web you can easily find commercial or free password generator, download and install it on your computer. However, not every random password generator can produce truly random passwords. All of them are based on pseudorandom number generators and differ in the algorithms used for creating a password from those random numbers. If it's an easy free program, the password can be possibly guessed with some cryptography knowledge and special software. If it's a strong password generator, it's very difficult task to guess such password even with the use of advanced software. Many contemporary password generators also have a feature of storing created passwords in a secure encrypted database. It's very easy to forget a random sequence of numbers and symbols and such function will save you from facing this widespread problem, still maintaining a great safety level.

Almost in any username and password generator you can set up requirements that will meet your safety needs and any password policies. You can set the needed length, the amount of upper-case and lower-case letters, the amount of special symbols, etc. You click on the "Generate" button and in less than a second you get what you need: a strong, impossible-to-guess password which you can use anywhere you want. It becomes very easy to achieve the ability to have many different passwords with periodical changing and dramatically increase the safety of your information and data with the use of a secure password generator.