Saving Your Time With an Auto Form Filler

If you use the Internet, you probably often have to fill in forms. It can be registration forms, login, password forms and whatever else. This job is very monotonous, boring and routine: you rarely have to fill in something interesting, usually it's very typical information like name, date of birth, address, e-mail, etc. However, you waste a lot of time on doing it: even if you spend only five minutes every day, it will be more than two hours in a month. Auto form filler is a special software type that exists to free you from such kind of duties and to save your time for something more interesting and challenging.

If you decide to use an auto fill forms program, you will have a great choice of commercial and free form filler software. Free software usually has fewer features than commercial, but it still can meet all your individual needs. The typical auto form filler usually provides user the following benefits:

  • Storage and auto-fill-in of personal information - you only type it in once and then the program will automatically detect where it's needed and do the job if typing in for you.
  • Integration with popular web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera)
  • Automatic form saving - you only click on the "Save" button and the information from all the forms on the webpage will be held in the database for future use.
  • Availability to set up hotkeys - you just press the button combination and the job is done.

Some auto form fillers can be installed on a USB flash drive and be used on any PC you plug your USB key into.

Another option to get the same benefits is to use a password manager autofill function. In addition to auto form filling they will do many other duties connected with passwords (creating a password database, encrypting it, generating new passwords, etc.). However, not everyone needs such kind of attributes and auto form filler remains a much needed utility. Both free and commercial software can help any type of internet users and free them from boring and monotonous job.