Password Manager - a Complex Solution for Managing Passwords

All the computer users deal with passwords. In order to maintain privacy and security, people need to set up passwords for PC logon, for e-mail, for message boards, for internet banking, etc. Nevertheless, these passwords should be diverse and should be periodically changed, which makes it very hard to do all the password duties with the use of your mind only. Password managers were designed to help you generate, store, fill in and upgrade passwords.

Password management can also be done with the use of a peace of paper or a text file, but these methods guarantee user no safety: a peace of paper can be stolen and a text file can be easily read as it has no encryption. The task of generating random passwords is also done much better and faster by password managers than by throwing a dice or creating it from your mind. By surfing the web you will easily find a personal password manager, download and install it on your computer. There are two main types of password managers: freeware and shareware. The good program always has the following features:

  • An encrypted password database, which will make storing your passwords very convenient and secure.
  • A strong password generator that will generate new random passwords of the needed parameters (the length, the amount of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, etc.).
  • Integration with internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox).
  • Auto form filler, which will save the time spent on doing routine job of filling login, password and registration forms.

Many password managers can also be installed on a USB key and back up the database to an e-mail server. The functionality of free password managers is often not as wide as the functionality of commercial ones, but free password manager software can still fulfill the requirements of many users.

All things considered, passwords manager is very effective tool for most of the modern internet users. It does only the good job: it saves your time, it brings you comfort and it dramatically increases the security of your information and data.